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Cheap Diesel Trucks for Sale

Cheap Diesel Trucks for Sale

April 30, 2011 5:18 am 52 comments

Few vehicles can handle heavy loads better than diesel pickup trucks. This type of vehicle is made especially for work and drives well on all road conditions. From modified lifted diesel trucks for sale to stock pick-ups, these vehicles are able to handle the toughest jobs while providing comfort and convenience at the same time.

Diesel trucks are made by manufacturers all over the world, but there are two particularly noteworthy brands: General Motors and Ford. Their trucks used to be gas guzzlers, but both have updated their engines to meet fuel and emission requirements. Despite the lowered emissions, the manufacturers have still been able to significantly increase torque and horsepower. Listed below are the two best cheap diesel trucks for sale.

GMC Sierra 3500

Price: $39,000 – $50,000

Weight: 7100lb

0-30 Acceleration: 3.41 sec

Fuel Economy: 18.26 MGP

The Sierra 3500 has a low fuel consumption rate for a large pickup, but the engine is still incredibly strong. For $50,000, buyers can get the premium leather-lined package and a few other modifications. This vehicle is the cheapest of the three and clearly the best choice. Of all the other cars, the Sierra 3500 is the smoothest, perfect for drivers who want a car-like vehicle.

GMC used a 4X4 suspension for this car, but equipped it with an independent front suspension for better handling on the roads. You can choose between two totally different dashboards: luxurious and traditionally truck. If you are trying to cut costs, go for the basic interior. In summary, the GMC has the best function, comfort, efficiency, and speed over any other 4X4 diesel trucks for sale.

Ford King Ranch F-350

Price: $39,000 – $50,000

Weight: 8700lbs

0-30 Acceleration: 4.25 sec

Fuel Economy: 11.24 MPG

The Ford King Ranch F-350 is a lot like a Swiss Army knife. No matter what job it has, this truck will make your life easier. This car is filled with all types of handy features that cannot be found on other diesel trucks. At 11.24 MGP, it is not nearly as fuel efficient as the Sierra, but it will still give you good mileage. With a few modifications to the wheels and bodywork, you can turn this vehicle into one of the best-looking lifted diesel trucks for sale.

The biggest downside to this vehicle is its weight. At 8700lbs, it is one of the heaviest modern pickups on the market. It is also fairly slow and has poor fuel economy. However, the powertrain is strong and is complemented by a 5-speed TorqShift transmission. Ford has been building trucks for several decades, so you can feel its expertise when driving this vehicle. It has quality braking power and provides a smooth drive on both paved and dirt roads. Ford used diesel trucks for sale are also quite popular and provide excellent performance. Compared to other used diesel trucks, Ford products are far stronger and more reliable.


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